Listful Prompts of Listing

Here are some blog prompts that are designed to be answered in list format. Posts in list-format are my go-to when my mind is too tired to think in complete sentences.

  1. People and things you associate by smells
  2. Mixtape playlist that represents your writing
  3. Ways to win your heart
  4. Your rules of friendship
  5. How to spend time
  6. Things that taste lovely
  7. Movie characters that remind you of real people in your life
  8. Strangers you’ll never forget
  9. What puts you to sleep
  10. Worst things about blogging
  11. Ways to improve
  12. Things you learned this year
  13. Things you want to say to specific people
  14. Activities you’ve checked off the bucket list
  15. Things you’ve memorized
  16. Relaxation is…
  17. What brings you joy…
  18. Verbs that describe your blog
  19. What you carry with you
  20. What distracts you
  21. Stuff you can draw (prove it!)
  22. Your blog milestones
  23. Things you use every day
  24. Words and things you overuse
  25. The funniest things
  26. What inspires you
  27. Favorite movie quotes
  28. How you stay healthy
  29. Favorite spots
  30. Blue things
  31. Numbers with meaning
  32. Least favorite food
  33. Your biggest dreams
  34. Questions you find hard to answer
  35. Silly things people ask you all the time
  36. Your wishlist
  37. A blog post, and what you learned from it
  38. Affirmations that mean something to you
  39. Stuff you want on your walls
  40. What irritates you about that guy over there
  41. Stuff you lie about
  42. Love is…
  43. Things you are proud of
  44. Posts you’d never write
  45. Frequently asked questions about your blog
  46. How we are very much alike
  47. What you wish you knew about blogging before you started
  48. How you find inspirations for blogs
  49. Your smallest fears
  50. Bloggers you wish everyone was reading
  51. Things you think everyone should have a story about
  52. Reasons you don’t do that thing everyone else does
  53. Turning points in your life
  54. Your blogging process
  55. Perfect combinations
  56. My rituals
  57. Characteristics that catch your eye
  58. Your blogging fantasies
  59. Nice sounds
  60. Struggles you feel with your whole heart
  61. Things you’ve created
  62. Stuff your mama told you
  63. The times you were wrong
  64. Things you saw today
  65. Disgusting stuff
  66. Your views on an important issue using GIFs and emojis
  67. Blogs you love
  68. Words that touch your soul
  69. Blog resources you couldn’t do without
  70. Things you’ve altered
  71. Real life stories that traumatized you
  72. Things you can explain easily
  73. Celebrities who would probably be your best friend if they knew you
  74. Traits of your ideal reader
  75. Stuff you unlearned on purpose
  76. How you know when you’ve gone too far
  77. Guilty pleasures
  78. Things that remind you of your childhood
  79. People who inspire you
  80. Your favorite posts from your archives & why
  81. Things you do when you’re alone
  82. Blogging myths
  83. Best online videos
  84. Advice no one asked for
  85. Stuff you wonder about people you’ve just met
  86. What keeps you awake
  87. Places your words live
  88. People and material things that make your blog possible
  89. Stuff you’ve searched for more than once
  90. Stuff you’ve said that is worth quoting
  91. What insults you
  92. Images that represent gratitude to you
  93. Lessons learned
  94. Survival tips
  95. Books you’ll never forget
  96. What makes you cry
  97. Words that haunt you
  98. How you are different
  99. Things you’d be better without
  100. Musical playlist for autumn
  101. Stuff you worry about
  102. Places you’ve been
  103. Your favorite writers
  104. Favorite bad habits
  105. Fictional places you’d fit in
  106. Basic rules for children
  107. Blogging tips
  108. Your favorite traditions
  109. Jobs you’ve done
  110. Stuff to let go of
  111. Your favorite charities

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