Nano Poblano 2022

Team Stuff, Why Be a Pepper?, Why Blog Everyday?

National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) is in November, and it is celebrated by bloggers writing a post every single day. This tradition sprouted many other traditions- small groups that regularly go into it together, or even folks who do it with the challenge of a theme.

A million and a half years ago, we started our own nano-tradition, and we call it NanoPoblano. It’s different than most others for two reasons:

  1. It’s less organized. There’s less pressure. We aren’t pulling people off rosters or anything if they can’t keep up. There aren’t qualifiers to sign up. You can be new. You can have a photo blog, or a recipe blog, or a haiku blog. Everyone can be a Participant.
  2. We’ve taken “Post every single day” to mean– support blogs, every single day. That usually means writing every day (and that’s a challenge that everyone benefits from trying!). But we also recognize that the ones who read and cheer us on are important too. We have CheerPeppers, who don’t necessarily post that month at all, but try to read or like or comment on a post of our participants every day. We have Participants who do re-posts. We have Particpants who spend the 30 days committed to bringing life to their blog, even that if that means not writing some days, while they work on their themes or leave comments from folks they’d like to build community with. If you need something more organized, we offer suggested prompt focuses for the 30 days on our Facebook community group. If you need an accountability partner, ask for one there, and you’ll get one.

Our roster closes on November 2nd but if you’re a Participant or Cheer Pepper and would like to be listed, just comment with your name (the one you want us to call you), and the link to your blog. Check 2022 Roster at the top to make sure you’re there.

We’ll put it in alphabetical order on November 2nd.