One More Tip Before We Start Spicing Up the ‘Net

NaBloPoMo is led, hosted, and coordinated by BlogHer. You are invited to add your blog URL to that list, too, grab yourself a badge. BlogHer receives a lot of traffic and is constantly curating the internet for blogger inspiration. It’s a great way to expand your reach.

It doesn’t require anything besides adding your name to the roll, but you’re also able to go in and share your posts daily. Note, this is open for everyone — menfolk, dragons, hobbits, kenders and the like — so don’t let the name BlogHer stop you from signing up!


Direct Link to Blogroll:

Direct Link to Badge:


Planning Tip

If it helps your mind to make a plan,  now would be the time to make a plan. 

This one is from, do you have a schedule tip you’d like to share with the team? 
P.S. You got this! 

Badges and Hashtags, oh my!


Your badge should link to or directly to the roster It can be displayed on the site, on each individual post, or not at all– your choice.  I do both, so golden readers know what I’m up to, and so silver readers know they’re in the right place.

Download the image from this post, and upload it to your own media file, so you can use it as needed.

Suggested tags on every post:
– NaBloPoMo
– National Blog Posting Month
– CheerPeppers

For my own organization, I will also use:
– NanoPoblano2016

Fun extra tags to use:
– TeamTinyPeppers
– NanoPoblano

Twitter Hashtags: