Emotional Quicksand



Breaking Moulds

You’ve probably been stuck in quicksand before, even if you didn’t realize that’s what it was. Maybe you’re stuck in it right now.

I heard the expression “emotional quicksand” on the radio last night – right alongside another resonating term “doomscrolling” – and realized even as I learned about its existence that I was already in it and sinking fast.

It might start with a feeling of loneliness brought on by isolation, or frustration and anger at an injustice you heard about or experienced or are experiencing, or sadness and confusion at being ignored/ghosted by a person you had high hopes about, or panic and fear brought on by something you read or saw while “doomscrolling.” There are so many ways you can step in emotional quicksand, but once you’ve dipped a toe in it, the sand starts to take your whole foot, then the other foot, then your calves…

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