Follow Along

There’s a WordPress Reader List here that you can follow:

There’s a list of us on Twitter, curated by the fabulous Cyn.  You can subscribe to it by viewing it from a real computer:

If your twitter handle isn’t listed, tweet her at @cynkingfeeling.  You know what?
Tweet her anyway.  Tell her she’s awesome.  It’s true, you’ll see.

There’s also a Facebook page for CheerPeppers.  Non-Peppers are welcome to join and view and chat and play– but sharing of posts is only for the team.

This link should take you there:

You’re also welcome to friend me and Bradley directly for more instantaneous contact ( and

The full roster is located at:

If you aren’t listed yet, let us know. It closes up tonight!


5 thoughts on “Follow Along

    1. They will! We’re scattered around the world. I’m not even home from work yet, so my post for today won’t go live for 5 hours or so. 🙂 NanoPoblano, has for years, maintained success rate of 95% or higher.


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