NaBloPoMo Myths

[This is an excerpt from written by Ra Avis about NaBloPoMo.]


Here are the things that I hear all the time about NaBloPoMo that I think are just– well, untrue. I could be wrong, but here are my thoughts.

Myth: NaBloPoMo will make you a more disciplined writer.

In the same way that running from zombies makes you a more disciplined runner, yes. This is about the mission, not about the structure. If you forge a discipline from it, I am proud of you, and if you don’t– well, don’t let it get you down.

You proved that when you need to run, you can.
And you won’t even have to deal with zombies.


Myth: NaBloPoMo link ups will bring you more readers.

In the same way that writing your number on people’s bumper stickers will get you more phone calls, yes. This is a project that reaches across the globe and across every blogging platform. More people will find their way to you. If they are the sort you want, or what you need, well– that’s a whole ‘nother story, but don’t let it get you down.

This vastly increases the chance of finding your way to one excellent reader who loves you.

Believe me in this, one is worth millions.

Myth: NaBloPoMo is really serious.

It’s not. Well, maybe it is, but being a part of NanoPoblano isn’t. We have Cheer Peppers, but no Poblano Police. The first year, we had people who missed a day in the first week. We even had someone make it all month through and then just forget to post on the last day, not calling anyone out by name but she loves foxes, she’s awesome, and sometimes she runs through labyrinths with me. All the Poblanos still loved her to pieces. To pieces, I tell you.

Sometimes, I just posted a sentence or two. It counts. It all counts. In fact, my short NanoPoblano posts are what introduced me to the idea of occasionally posting 100 word posts that I now call the “Rarasaur 100”. To offset 1500 word posts like this one. You know what they say– NanoPoblano is the mother of invention.

It’s about the commitment, and the want, and the why– not about the word count.

We have fun between the chaos–

I promise.


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